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This stray wandered into our yard and hearts on 6/27/09 and we've recuperated him. He's doing great and is a very sweet dog. Vet says he's about a year old puppy, about 12 pounds (the size of a Dachshund just a bit taller) and an Australian Shepherd/Dachshund mix. He's not fixed and his eye can be sewn, but we haven't yet. It's shutting on its own anyway. We are happy to have him fixed for the new owner, if that's wanted. We just wanted to wait until he's fully healed. Lucky broke his leg and pelvis. We do not know how. He's very sweet but our husky plays with him too rough so we're looking to see if we can get him a new home because we are afraid our husky will hurt him. He trained on our electric fence just fine. He is also house and crate trained. He is a puppy and likes to chew on sticks and pine cones. So, chewing and biting is the stage of training he is in as a puppy right now. He is learning "sit" just fine and is quite motivated by any type of attention and is not a picky eater. He is not a barker, however, if crated too long he will whine a bit, but nothing like traditional small dogs. He had to be crated quite a bit for his broken leg and pelvis to heal so I got him to stop whining by giving him rawhides and bones. Worked really well and he took correction very well. All around - a great, great dog. If only our husky wouldn't play with him too rough, we'd keep him! He is very pleasant to hold and pet in your lap. Potential owners must present referrals from their vet and must describe & prove the home environment they plan to put this puppy in. 

YouTube Video of Lucky (Going to ER) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cavylLTbfk

YouTube Video of Lucky (At the ER) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPEtoGBIE5g

Lucky is A Lover Photo taken 8/12/09  please download this JPEG to share with others to help find him a home.

Lucky Sleeps On A Big Dog Pillow

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